Meglio wax ($18)


Strong hold & Mat appearance


Good for fine men's hair.


Prejume wax #3 #5 #7


#3 Soft hold for texure. Also good for long hair.


#5 Medium strong hold. Good for men's hair

     or use for hold long bangs. I(tatsuya) always use this.


#7 Super strong hold. Good for very short hair.




Elujda Mo & Elujida Fo   My #1 recommend. I use this for my clients alot.

Thought this is little bit hight price its worth buying.($34)


 2 in 1 leave in treatment & styling priduct.


 Fo is for fine hair

 Gives fine hair body and movement.

 Light finish.


 Mo is for coarse hair.

 Softens coarse hair.

 Smooth finish.







Fierli Shampoo($18) & Conditioner($30)


Good for curly and frizzy hair.

Make easy to blow straight.





Nue due Willow Shampoo($18) & Conditioner($30)


For normal hair. Moisturaized and smooth the hair.




Nue Due Silk Shampoo($18) Conditioner($30)


For fine hair. I use alot. Good smell too.




 Nigelle LX shampoo($18) conditioner($30)


 for oily scalp.


 I use this every day.