Technique Manual for digital perm.                                          By Tatsuya Ikezawa(Owner stylist)

This technique manual is open in public. (individual use only)

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I'm glad if this manual helps to softens hair stylists anxiety and make happier to people all over the world  


I'm welcome to have a class your place or my salon for regarding Japanese straightening perm and Digital perm.

If there is any question or point to correct feel free to ask.

We use Milbon Liscio.

Approximately process time. 2 hours to 2.5 hours total. include haircut.
Use same products for Japanese straightening and digital perm.
For digital perm and Japanese straightening perm is same theory. To make curl or straight with heat.
Most important thing is 1st solution.
To make maximum effect with the smallest damage.
Once hair is over processed there is no way to fix it.