Technique Manual BY Tatsuya Ikezawa(Owner stylist)

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Liscio Japanese straightening

We use Milbon Liscio.

1、Consultation&Hair history. You should confirm before you start.

 It is one of the most important steps for success.


 ・Chemical history (past 5 years) especially for hair color.

  Even if you think there is no chemical on it you should better to ask.

Some clients make hair color and back to natural hair color.

Some clients hair looks colored but it happens by the sunlight.


  "Do you have any chemical on your hair for past 5 years."


Colored hair and natural (no colored)hair has different chemical reaction. 

If you use too strong 1st solution and get over processed, it can never be fixed without a cut.


What kind of straightening your clients want. 

Need to have the same idea with clients.


Sometimes a picture helps.


Pin straightening. Frat iron.


Natural straight, Ends curl or only for no frizz.

 We sometimes use no straightening iron for natural straight.

 Sometimes we do roots to middle Japanese straightening perm.

 Middle to ends digital perm.


Different way/technique and tools are used for the target of straightening perm.


Important point

Below is the list you have to know before you start the straightening perm.

・Make bangs or change part.

It is hard to change the part and hair direction after the straightening perm so you should change the clients part and start it.

Also, you should make/cut the bangs before you start to do it.Does not have to complete cut)

Bangs finish the iron for natural in curl.


・Change the hairstyle.

Make shorter length more than 3 inches better to cut quick cut first then start.

Make shorter time and use fewer products. 

After ironing give a real haircut.


Tell the demerit to the clients before you start.

・Straightening perm may fade the hair color.

・Straightening perm makes flat and less movement.

・May get dry your hair.

・Bangs but does not last compared to long hair.

・Once you start it you have to keep doing this perm every 6 to 10 months.





2, Technique, and check for the step by step. 


Basic  If there is no chemical on hair.Comb through and hair get straight good time to rinse.

We mix cream type and gel type 10:1. Make easier to apply and check the time to rinse.


Caucasian hair: 1st solution strong 15min

Asian hair: 1st solution normal 15min 


After consultation.

Shampoo and conditioner. If client shampoo already, water spray is ok too.


If clients have already straightened hair by perm and this part of hair is still straight well we only need to do re-glow part of the hair. Use protection cream for protection the straight hair.


We usually start to apply the first solution from the nape part. Most thick hair and take a longer time to make softer.


If clients have baby hair usually face line and outline use protection 50 for protecting their weak hair.

These baby hair usually needs less time to soften.


If you think takes a longer time to apply whole hair (more than 15 min), you can start to adjust bit weaker 1st solution and make stronger and stronger close to finishing.


If Clients hair is easy to get tangle you should comb through well before you start to apply the first solution otherwise it takes much longer time to apply the first solution. Better to apply solution at the same time as possible for softening the hair equally.

Protection cream and some pre-treatment(ppt) make more tangle so better to use minimum amount.


Colored hair may better to apply 1st solution for 2 people. Colored hair has less waiting time to rinse.


Approximately How many minutes should I wait after applying first solution?

For the each different hair type.


Single permanent color. Color is close to own color or gray cover.  

Caucasian hair: 1st solution normal + mild start.  normal finish. 5 to 10 min.

Asian hair: 1st solution normal + mild start. normal finish 5 to 10 min.

We sometimes touch up the color and straightening later in same one day.

It makes easy for the straightening perm too.

Color should be 1 or 0.5 level darker than target color. Straightening perm makes bit lighter. 


Hair color is lighter than 3 levels from the natural color.

1st solution is going to react first so better to apply as first as possible. within 10 min or adjust by the protection cream.

Caucasian hair: 1st solution mild start.  around 5 min to rinse.

Asian hair: 1st solution mild start. within 5 to 10 min to rinse.

Check the hair all time after apply 1st solution.  Comb through and hair get straight rinse.


Breached hair.

1st solution is going to react very first so better to apply as first as possible. within 10 min or adjust by the protection cream.

Explain to clients about the possibility of getting dry the hair. Better not do the straightening perm. Recommend keratin treatment or other types of treatment.



Semi-permanent color

 Because semi-color is milder than permanent color hair is a close condition to no chemical hair.

Caucasian hair: 1st solution Normal 10 to 15 min.

Asian hair: 1st solution normal 10 to 15 min.

Check the hair frequent about every 2 min.  Comb through and hair get straight rinse.


・Manicure color

 Same condition of no chemical hair.

Caucasian hair: 1st solution Strong 10 to 15 min.

Asian hair: 1st solution normal 10 to 15 min.

1st solution take manicure away(not 100% though) so tell clients about it.







 Liscio 1st solution gel type.







主に使うプロテクション、50(Knoture 0)  、70、90




















トップ:ケラチントリートメント ミドル、ネープ:ストパー






普段の分け目で仕上げる(分け目が決まっていないときは真ん中分け) ショート、ボブスタイル、前髪などの短い場合はラウンドに仕上げる。毛先が自然と落ちるように。 一液を塗布していない場所もある程度しっかりアイロンで伸ばしておく。1液がついていたり、1液流しの時に軟化している場合があり、
オーバープロセスでフリージーになった場合は事前にアイロン系のラウンドブラシでブローをして伸ばし、 中温(140前後)でアイロンをするとフリージーを軽減できることがある。 2液は1液を塗布したところは確実にカバーする。 前髪はハイライトペーパーではさみ、内巻きで止めておく。割れないようにするため。 化学反応で2液が熱をもち、その熱が冷めれば流してよい。おおよそ5分。 このマニュアルは私の経験を元に書かれたものなので、この技術方法が全て正解ということではありませんが参考にしてもらえたら思います。 「ストレートパーマ講習(白人等)」希望の方、連絡頂ければ有料で講習いたします。 まで連絡お願いします。
July 21st 2017