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Hi Tatsuya,

Thank you so much for my wonderful hair cut! You did a great job with the color too. I hope you're enjoying the new year!




 I followed Takashi here from RH Plus Salon. He's the best for a blowout, he gets the right amount of volume and makes me look five years younger whereas other salons often give me a weird helmet-head of hair. The fact that he sets out my favorite gossip mags, gives a shoulder massage, and brings me something to drink is all a bonus!



 Hi tatsuya.
I am loving my haircut and got tons of compliments on it. Thank you.
What do u do with the hair that u cut off trash it?? Have u thought of donating it to ppl who make wigs for cancer patients.
Thank you



 Finding a great stylist is like dating in New York: you keep moving on to the next one, hopping all over the city on your way to the next appointment/date (Bumble & Bumble, Fekkai, Roy Teeluck, Garren New York, random trendy shops downtown), in the hopes of finding someone who will understand everything you need and want in your hair -- until one day, you find THE ONE.

For me, Tatsuya is my Holy Grail of stylists, after a long exhausting search that began by trying out various beauty magazine recommendations that were over-hyped and insanely expensive (the beauty editors recommend those places largely because they get their cuts and color for free and the magazines have relationships with those brands), and ended with experimenting with more "indie" Japanese hair salons where, by all accounts, the stylists train for significantly longer under apprenticeships before they're even allowed to work on paying clients. It was at one of those Japanese salons, Hayato in Gramercy, that I discovered Master Stylist/Director Tatsuya.

Since getting my hair cut by Tatsuya there 2 years ago, I have never strayed -- not once. I simply don't bother with other places. I may not be the perfect client, since I get lazy about going in for fresh cuts and stretch my appointments out to 2-4 months. But no matter how long between appointments, Tatsuya has always left me leaving the salon with a fresh, beautiful, clean, edgy cut that still looks good 3-4 months later! THAT is the true test of a stylist: how does your haircut look on the worst of days, when you've barely had time to style it yourself, 3 months down the road? With Tatsuya, his trained eye and expert hands always shape your hair into a structure that grows out harmoniously over time. This is what I love about Tatsuya's work -- the cut simply looks great much longer than any other haircut I have ever had, and they're extremely versatile to style if you add product/heat.

In November 2012, Tatsuya opened up his own salon, called T-Gardens New York, and I followed him there. It's a private, intimate salon, a little bit out of the way in midtown east (about a 5 minutes walk from the Bloomingdale's on Lex and 59th). Tatsuya's prices are amazing for the quality: $90 for a cut with Tatsuya, $70 with Takashi (who is also excellent by the way). I think for comparable quality with a master stylist who has the same level of experience and execution skill, you'd pay at least $200+ elsewhere in NYC at a name-brand/celebrity salon.

I've loved my cuts so much, I even booked my Mom and sister there as holiday gifts. My Mom loved her new, short bob, which was both age-appropriate and easy to style (quick blow-dry, some moisturizing cream). My sister, who has long beautiful colored hair, also loves Tatsuya for giving her a more fashion-forward layered cut. For me, I started out with long hair and eventually moved to shorter "long bobs" or "lobs" (Google "Gwyneth Paltrow + lob" and you'll see what I mean). My most recent cut was a super-short, edgy lob that can be styled multiple ways: with a traditional blow-out for work, or with texturizing cream for a mussed-up, downtown finish.

The point is, Tatsuya can do EVERYTHING -- whatever style/ your heart desires. He is so good at listening, quietly taking in everything you're saying during the consultation, and then he gets to work trimming the hair both while it's wet and later when it's dry (this results in the cleanest finish). He's also incredibly swift and confident in his work; I always get out of appointments on time.

I rarely bother to write negative reviews on the Yelp, but for my "All-Time Favorites," I simply can't be selfish. The great thing about a stylist, unlike romantic dating, is that you can share your amazing find with the world.

A tip: Bring in several pictures of the look you want on your phone. If there are 3-4 photos that approximate what I want, I show them all to Tatsuya and ask him what tweaks he would make so that the cut looks good for my face shape. This never fails, and I recommend you do this no matter where you get your hair cut.





I got a great cut and color (highlights) the other day. The lead stylist/owner is a real perfectionist. His cuts are very precise and does great color, making me look years younger! I've gone to him for years, and he never disappoints. Very happy to see he has branched out into his own space. Like most Japanese salons, they throw in a neck and shoulder massage (fabulous) as well. The salon looks great, is very relaxing and located just a short walk from Bloomies. I've already gotten several compliments on my new short hair. Highly recommend!!




 Thank you, Tatsuya! 

 Love the color!  I certainly wish you great luck at your new place,  and will see you soon…

 Kind regards,









 Happy New Year !


Hi Takashi

I should be the one to thank you for a super haircut together with so much pampering!
Wishing you great success in the New Year and I shall definitely be coming to T-Gardens every time I come to NY.
Best regards,




 Hi Tatsuya

Happy New Year! Congratulations on the beautiful new salon, you did a great job on the place. And as always, I love my hair! Hope you and your family have a fruitful new year full of happiness and success. Eat lots of rice cakes tomorrow!

Oh yes, and for reference, here are the things I mentioned to you during my visit:




Hi Tatsuya,
It is a very nice salon. Congratulations again on opening up your own salon!! Have a happy holiday with your family.