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Your first time guide of Japanese straightening perm.

We have many clients/consultations who got inappropriate Japanese straightening service in other salons.

Most of there cases cause because of insufficient knowledge and experiences.

You can prevent of most of the cases if we know basics of Japanese straightening.


This guide contains the basics information for the person who wants to do Japanese straightening first time.

Japanese Straightening Q&A

Q:What is the Japanese straightening perm?

A:Japanese straightening perm is the hair restructuring technology.

Makes your hair smooth, shiny and easier to manage.  Approximately whole process take 3 to 4 hours (Depend on hair length and amount).


Q:Does Japanese straightening perm contains the Formaldehyde?

A:NO it does not. Japanese straightening perm is Formaldehyde free.


Q:What is the benefit for Japanese hair straightening?


・Remove the frizz and makes easier to manage your hair.

・Less time for blow dry, stay smooth and shinny even in humidity.

・Easier to stay less volume.


Q:What is the cautions(not benefit) for Japanese hair straightening?


・There is possibility to get serious damage if the stylist is with insufficient knowledge and experiences.(Specially color hair). Most difficult part and also require experience step is definite right choice of straightening perm solution. If use too strong solution for certain hair the hair get dry and if use too weak hair is still curl or still frizzy. 

・Once get Japanese straightening perm hard to back curl hair style.

・Hard to get short soft image hair style.

・Hard to get volume.


Q:How long does Japanese straightening perm last?

A:Approximately it lasts 6 to 8 months.

Big curl or straight hair with frizz hair approximately 8 to 12 months and more.

Japanese straightening perm works permanently so we usually touch up(new hair) like hair color.


Q:How much does it cost?

A:In NY area price range is around $250 to $600.


T-Gardens NY 

Depend on the stylist.Click and check the price.

$330 to $450 (no hair cut -$50. within 6 month 10% off) 


Q:How will you do for 2nd or more time for Japanese straightening perm?

A:Because Japanese straightening perm works permanently we will just do re-glow hair part next time.

Sometimes we do whole hair again if you feel straightening part hair get back to curl or frizz.

Ask to your stylist.


Q:Do I have to use something specific shampoo and treatment?

A:No you don't need to use some specific ones.

If you are looking for one we have shampoo and treatment that machs to Japanese hair straightening prem.


Q:Can I make curl my hair after get Japanese hair straightening perm?

A:Yes anytime 2 days after Japanese hair straightening perm,you can get tempolary curl with curling iron and hot curl.


Q:What is the difference between Japanese and Keratin(Brazilian) hair straightening?

A:Japanese hair straightening changes the internal bond of hair. Keratin(Brazilian) hair straightening only smooth out the cuticle so Japanese hair straightening produces permanent results while Keratin(Brazilian) hair straightening lasts for two weeks to four months.And also Brazilian straightening and keratin treatment both have to use special shampoo and conditioner while Japanese straightening doesn't have to use them.


Q:Can I do with highlight hair/ breach hair?

A:Depends on the hair so we need to see your hair.(consultation)

If it is hard/take too long time to come our salon you also can send us your hair picture.

The picture hair should be air dry.



Q:My Hair ends getting dry/frizz after multiple Japanese straightening but I want to keep the length do you have any other option?

A:We recommend combination of keratin treatment and Japanese straightening.

・Japanese straight perm make your hair straight and keratin treatment film your hair and make much smoother and shinier.


Japanese straightening + peter coppola keratin treatment. + $250 time offer -$50



Q: Is there any rules for after Japanese straightening perm?

A:Yes, you should not shampoo for 48 hours (Chemical is still working)


What products T-Gardens NY hair salon use?

We use Milbon Liscio Thermal Reconditioning.

Which has been one of the most trusted brands in Japan.

After Liscio Thermal Reconditioning, please follow the instruction below 2 to 3days to maintain and support the best result.

Do not shampoo. To maintain beautyful, straight hair, you should not shampoo.

If your hair gets wet, blow-dry it using a downward drying motion and gently smooth it out with a brush.

Do not use hair clips or barretters, do not tie your hair into a ponytail.



 We highly recommend Japanese straigtning and in-salon treatment together.




Great for fine hair.






This in-salon treatment is for coarse hair.

Make it shiny and smooth.



Milbon Liscio Thermal Reconditoning


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