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Q:What is a digital Perm?

A:Digital perm is a comparatively new perm technique. 

Make curls on hair with perm solution and hot rollers with the temperature regulated by a machine.

Normal perm basically requires only a perm solution on other hand digital perm requires a (different) solution plus heat.


Q:What is the merit of digital perm?

A:The curls are most prominent when the hair is dry and tend to loosen when hair is wet.

Requires less hair product to finish the hair style compare with normal(cold) perm.


A:In general digital perm hold and last  curls longer.  About 3 times longer than regular perm.

A:Good for the person who usually did not hold & last curls with normal perm.

A:Looks more natural curls than normal perm.

 Check our real clients digital perm pictures.

Q: I have sensitive scalp can I do the digital perm?

A:Yes you can. Digital perm solution does not touch your scalp and skin.(Need consultation) 

Please mention you have sensitive skin so we prepare solution do not touch your skin and scalp.


Q:What is the demerit of digital perm?

A:Can not have curls from the roots part so hard to get body on top part of the head.


  Rolls get very hot therefore we have to skip near scalp.


A:Takes longer process time than normal perm. (2.5h to 3.5h)

  Takes more steps than normal perm.


A:1.5 to 2 times more expensive than normal perm.

  Need more steps and  special machine for digital perm.


 Check our price list. T-Gardens NY service price. 


A:Can not have kinky curls.

 Good for natural curls.


A:Possibility to get serious damage if the stylist is with insufficient knowledge and experiences.

 Specially color hair, fine hair and Caucasian hair need to be done experienced stylist.


A: Looks/feels may be bit frizzy. If you used to look your shinny straight hair long time curls hair looks bit frizzy even if it's not get frizzy.


Q:What is the merit of normal perm?


A:Able to get kinky curls.

 If you want to get tight kinky curls normal perm is better.


A:Able to get curls from the roots part of the hair.

 If you want to get body on top part, Normal perm might be better.


A:Takes shorter time than digital perm.

 Less steps than digital perm. 2 to 2.5 hours with hair cut.


A:Inexpensive than digital perm. 


 Q:What is the demerit of normal perm?

 A:The curls are most prominent when the hair is wet and tend to loosen when hair is dry. 

   Have to keep moisture with hair products.


A:In general normal perm hold and last the curls shorter.  

  Make curls only solution.


A:Not be able to take a normal perm service person with sensitive scalp skin. 

 Because perm solution is liquid it touch the scalp.


A:Not able to re-curl with Japanese straightening perm.

Q: Is there any hair conditions hair that digital perm/normal perm does not work?

A: Yes, there is couple hair conditions might be better to avoid.

  Bleached hair. high tone color hair and very fine hair.

Q: Is there any type of hair that digital perm works more or less?

A:Yes, In general Asian type of the hair works and last more than Caucasian type of the hair.

 In other words coarse hair works more than fine hair.



Q: Is there any rules for digital perm?

A:Yes, you should not shampoo for 48 hours (Chemical is still working)

For first time customer.

We recommend you guys to visit our salon(If you live close by) or consultation on the phone/email before you make an appointment especially if your hair is chemically treated like hair color or straight perm before.




 We have also some options.

 Combination Japanese straightening perm & digital perm. 

 Combination digital perm & regular perm.

 So please ask in detail.


Our digital perm makes

Easier & quicker to arrange your hairstyle.

More movement but less products on your hair.

Bautiful curl last longer when you use curling iron by yourself.


We are sorry but digital perm sometimes doesn't work if your hair is/has colored with bleach or bleach highlight.