What is keratin treatment?

Keratin treatment is a semi-permanent hair-smoothing chemical treatment.

It makes smooth and straighter your hair for minimum of 3 months. 



Is it safe?

Peter coppola keratin treatment is the product we use which is aldehyde-free & hormaldehyde-free treatment.



What is different between Japanese straightening and keratin treatment?

Japanese straightening is permanent chemical treatment.

It changes the internal structure of hair and removes all curl to create straight strands.

It means once you get Japanese hair straightening your hair is permanently straight.


Keratin treatment  

Semi-permanent chemical treatment.

Last three to six months (depending on the product used and your lifestyle and hair hair condition)

they soften curl and eliminate frizz make smooth and shine.


Japanese or Keratin which should I do?


Japanese straightening perm is good for...

  • Coarse hair
  • Tight curl hair
  • Want to be less volume.
  • No hair color or single hair color.

Keratin treatment 

  • Fine hair
  • Want to remove frizz but keep to have volume.
  • Highlight hair(Japanese straightening can't take it)
  • Temporary want to be straighter.

 Is there any specific products should I use?

  You have to use selfies free shampoo. 

     We recommend to use Petter coppla shampoo & conditioner.