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Stylist schedule.

・Sales Tax(4.5%) in not inclued in price.

・We Accept major credit card Visa Master Amex  (Tip is just cash)

Open hours

Open 7 days             10 am to  7 pm  (last appointment)                                   

we might accept early or late time appointment so please mention by phone or email.

Service fee

Hair cut (with shampoo,blow dry,Styling)

・Tatsuya  Takashi...$140   Bangs cut...$20

・Yuka...$100   Bangs cut...$20

・Junya  Momo  Felix  Yukina....$80   Bangs cut...$15


Under 15 years old 30% off     under 18 years old 15% off  ...No shoulder massage.

Color( blow dry +$20)

Roots touch up color

・Junya & Takashi...$120


・Momo & Felix & Min & Yukina...$80


Whole hair Color 

・Junya & Takashi... $150 to  $250  

・Yuka...$110 to 210

・Momo & Felix Min & Yukina ...$90 to $190 


Half Highlights

・Junya & Takashi...$200  (Few Highlights)...100

Yuka ...$150 

・Felix & Yukina...$120


Full Highlights 

・Junya & Takashi...$250

 Yuka ...$200 

・Felix & Yukina...$150       



Balayage Highlights

・Junya (Full head)....$275  (Half)....$250    (Few)... $100

・Takashi (Full head)...$250   (half)....$200

・Felix and Yuka ( Full Head )... $230 ( Half )... $180

 (Up on consultation) 


 Color Correction & Extreme color changes

・Up on consultation



+ 10 and up


Additional  process

 +50 and up                        

Permanent wave

Digital Permanent Wave (with hair cut + deep conditioner)   

・Takashi ...$400

・Tatsuya & Yuka...$350  

・Junya & Momo & Felix & Yukina..$280  


Regular Permanent Wave  (with hair cut)


・Tatsuya & Yuka...$250

・Junya & Momo & Felix & Yukina...$180       


Special permanent wave and partial permanent wave ...Up on consultation.


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Japanese straightening  (hair cut + deep conditioner included) 

・Tatsuya & Takashi...$450

・Junya & Felix & Yuka...$400

・Momo & Min & Yukina...$350    

Japanese straightening + digital perm.

Japanese straightening regular price + up to $100 (ask your stylist)


T-Gardens Straight perm.

(Japanese straightening + Keratin treatment)

Japanese straightening price

Tela+$100   peter coppola+$200



Fix other salon's straight perm.

Up on consultation.

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Professional in-salon treatment

Peter coppola Keratin treatment

Tatsuya...$300 to $350

Other stylists...$250 to $300


Tela Organic Keratine treatment

Tatsuya...$200 to 250

Other stylists...$150 to $200



Learn more(what is keratin treatment?)  

Peter Coppola keratin treatment is Aldehyde-free & formaldehyde-free.

Safety provides smooth & anti-aging boost, adds volume and restores hairs youthful look and texture for a minimum 3 months.Also it makes hair straighter,shinier.

Protein treatment..Other service menu + $45 (Takes 30minutes )


Scalp Treatment ( Head Spa ) $35  ( Takes 10 to 15 minutes )

  Benefits : nourishes cells in the hair follicle for healthy growth ,cleanse,moisturize and nourish

  scalp & hair.


Linkage deep conditioner .. Other service menu +$30(Takes 5 to 10minutues )

Quick 3-step salon treatment with aroma therapy that instantly improves the quality

and texture of hair without making it greasy or heavy. Enjoy a silky, smooth and luxurious result.

(homecare pack included)


Inphenom deep conditioner...Other service menu +$30(Takes 5 to 10minutes)

Repair your hair from the inside out and notice immediate effects.

5-step in-salon treatment is done immediately after coloring to help lock in your healthy, vibrant color. It will also make your hair silky and smooth without any heaviness. Good for fine hair.

(homecare pack included)

Blow dry & up do

Shampoo...$15(ten minutes)         

Shoulder massage...$15(ten minutes)


Blow dry       

・Takashi. Momo .Junya .Felix & Yuka... $60   

・Min ...$35



$90 and up 

Members benefit.

Your card is filled up with 24 stamps, Your rank will be upgraded.

You will get a discount (depending on your rank) when you visit us again within 2 months.

Within 1 month visit extra 5% discount. Except Japanese straightening, digital perm and Keratin Treatment.


*Japanese straight perm, Digital perm and Keratin Treatment are not available for this member discount

*Every 6th visit (6 stamps) you will get $10 off or Free Linkage or Inphenom Deep Conditioning service.


Platinum...have visited more than 73times.    20% discount.

Gold......have visited between 49 to 72times.   16% discount. 

Silver.....have visited between 25 to 48 times. 13% discount.

Bronze..have visited less than 24times.           10% discount. 



If you are not satisfied with our service, please feel free to contact us within 2 weeks.(Digital perm with 2 months) We will be happy to re-do your hair cut or treatment.

(Please note that this guarantee expires after 2 weeks and that it will depend on your hair condition)


Last appointment

・7days open.  

Hair cut...7:00pm   Color or Perm...6:00pm   Hair cut & color...6:00pm

Digital Perm...5:00pm   Straightening Perm...4:00pm    Keratin treatment...6:00pm

T-Gardens straighte...3:00pm



(Only top stylist Takashi is available late time service)

Hair cut...9:00pm   Color or Perm...8:00pm   Hair cut & color...8:00pm

Digital Perm...7:00pm   Straightening Perm...6:30pm    Keratin treatment...8:00pm

T-Gardens straighte...5:00pm